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Top 5 reasons why GloFX Glasses are a must for your next live music event

GloFX Glasses feature special lenses which refract and diffract light to produce mesmerizing visual effects, they are the ultimate new visual accessory. In this blog we discuss why they are an absolute must have item if you attend live music of visual events.


1. They produce awesome visual effects.

From the moment you put on a pair of glofx glasses your rave life game will


2. They enhance the show


2. They close the gap between person and stage 

GloFX Glasses make you feel like you're on the front row of every show. 

It's pretty hard to describe 



3. Showing the glasses to anyone you meet is just as fun as wearing them yourself


These fantastic glasses make the perfect conversation starter, 



4. You'll stand out of the crowd and feel awesome.

GloFX Glasses are available in hundreds of different frame and lens styles so you can choose


Like to take snaps? 


5. They don't cost allot of money.

These glasses start at under £1.00 each so you really can't go wrong!



work day or night

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